Your Personal IT Manager

Has your IT system grown to a point where you need some impartial, experienced and understandable
advice on what to do next?

Do you spend more time looking after your computers than your business?

Has your business grown to be in a position where you need to review your IT systems?

Is your investment in your company IT fully realised?

Would you like your IT investment to help you be more profitable, to help you run your business better?

Do you need honest, experienced and impartial advice on what IT solutions would best meet
your needs?

CoBit SW can provide a range of IT solutions to increase business efficiency and enable you
and your business to maximise its potential in its use of IT. 

Whether your need is simply advice on the most suitable hardware for a task or a
complete office networking solution, we are able to meet your expectations and tailor solutions
to match your needs.

We have considerable experience in small to medium sized organisations as
well as hands-on IT management and technical skills. This can be used
to benefit your company in many ways, be it in a short-term consultancy
role or as a regular member of your management team.

CoBit’s aim is to ensure your IT systems run efficiently and effectively and allow
you to focus on your core business.